If i make it to my next academic year, i’m going to make a promise to myself. I will turn my life around, i’m going to study hard so i don’t just get average grades, i’m going to get myself a job so i wont panic about money, i’ll have something to do and i’ll be making it in the industry i want to. I want to be happy and live the way i intend to live and not the way i have turned out now. I hate how i am now. No Friends, no trust, no job, no happiness and no life.


I hate time.

Its gone before you know it and nothing can be done.

I wish i was born earlier, i miss the 00’s and the 80’s/90’s seemed so cool.

All those bands and the beginning of punk and punk rock.

I live in the wrong era. And it depresses me.

New tattoo!

New tattoo!

"After high school you realize you were only friends with some people because you saw them five times a week."

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I love it when i’m right, turns out my friend WAS just sleeping around. She was to ashamed to admit it. Twat!


I HATE everyone, every person i have ever known has now let me down. The world is full of ugly people. I’m beginning to think that i don’t want anyone around me at all. I’ve put so much trust in people and they let me down, some already know i feel alone but to top it all all they themselves let me down! People are fucking ugly. END OF

Everyone leaves you sooner or later


top gear tho

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Reality Vs Imagation

People always wonder why you have obsessions with the band and band member.

This is how i feel about it,

Not only does or had that band made music that truly made you happy when you listen to it. But those guys in it can never hurt you, you’ll most likely never meet them and they then cannot hurt you. You do not have to trust or have hope in them, as they are yours in your mind. without meeting them you can make whatever impression you want out of them, they can therefore be your perfect guy.

Whereas when you meet someone in real life they will let you down time and time again, without and thought.

Maybe i’ll never meet someone, but in my head i have a perfect life.